Ylang-Ylang - poster

Image of Ylang-Ylang - poster

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8x11 inch image digitally printed on museum quality, archival art rag.


The Ylang-Ylang tree was the only tree in the jungle without flowers. None of the other trees would speak to her. She was saddened for she only had leaves. No friends, no one to sit in her shade. During a violent rainstorm, two caterpillars crawled up her trunk and onto a long, winding branch. The Ylang-Ylang tree welcomed them, sheltered them, and gave them all the leaves they wanted, although that was all she had, so that they could survive until the storm passed. The caterpillars were grateful and stayed for weeks. When the storm passed, she looked around and could not find her caterpillar friends. She cried for them. Then she heard them calling-- they were no longer caterpillars but brilliant butterflies with electric yellow wings. They told her that they would turn themselves into flowers and stay on her branches forever in gratitude. Her sweet nature and generosity would be known by all the other plants in the jungle. She was never alone again.
Unfortunately, Philippine and non-Philippine cosmetic companies have sought out the Ylang-Ylang trees to harvest her scent. They put a commercial value on her petals and sell the oil in 'exotic' soaps, New Age products, and expensive perfumes. The trees are often stripped bare, and the Ylang-Ylang tree is once again left without flowers.